Dr. Fernando Marques

Dr. Fernando Marques is strongly devoted to providing oral care in a gentle, safe, and predictable way.

As a third-generation dentist, he understood early in life the importance of continuous education to achieve his full potential and best serve his patients. 

After earning his D.D.S degree in 1999, Dr. Fernando dedicated 7 years of additional studies in the field of Endodontics in Brazil. Before he moved to the US, where he earned a Certificate in Endodontics from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Fernando had already held a Master’s degree, a PhD degree, and a solid career as a clinician, presenter, faculty, and researcher.

In his free time, Dr. Fernando likes tennis, running, biking, water sports, and rollercoasters. He also enjoys spending time with his wife Ane, who is a dentist as well.

Dr. Fernando feels honored to have joined Sigma Dental Specialists and is committed to using his 21 years of clinical experience to treat his patients to the highest level of care.