Advanced Technology

Surgical operating microscope

Sigma Specialists are performing every single procedure including root canal, retreatment of previously done root canal and root end surgerie/Apicoectomy using a Microscope. This helps us to locate extra canals easier, to clean and shape the canals in a more effective way and to perform endodontic procedures with a higher success rate in a more comfortable manner for our patients.


Nickel titanium rotary instruments

With the advent of rotary instrumentations, dentists are able to perform root canals more effectively. Rotary instruments clean and shape the canals in a way that irrigation solutions could reach most irregularities in the root canal system which will remove most bacterial pathogens from the canal.

State of the art sterilization

Faster and safer sterilization is achieved by using the latest in sterilization technology at Sigma Dental Specialists


We are proud to use Ultrasonic technology to be able to clean root canals in nonsurgical and surgical procedures.


Using Fiberoptic technology will allow us to more precisely diagnose and treat your teeth in cases with calcified canals, fractured root and extra canals.

Advanced Technology